Sourdough bread - Basics - 20/3/2022

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This Sourdough  bread-making gathering is an easy hands on tour through the entire sourdough process, from sourdough starter to beautifully baked bread.

You will also meet a local artisan baker who has sieved through all the information and juggled the pitfalls of this traditional baking method.  There is no greater teacher than experience!

This half day immersive sourdough breadmaking class allows you to experience the entire sourdough process - you will learn about dough fermentation, proofing, hand finishing and baking; you will learn how to feed and maintain a starter; you learn how to set up your oven.  

You will make your own dough to proof and bake later at home, using all the techniques you learn on the day.

We hope you will walk away with the confidence to bake sourdough bread from your domestic kitchen, without the need to invest in any specific equipment.


  • Complete Sourdough notes sent via email
  • Decent coffee and real tea

  • A developed sourdough starter that is bake ready
  • Dough you made at the workshop to bake at home

  • Tastings of the various types of sourdough



  • Plastic/glass container with lid (at least with a capacity of 2 litres)
  • Collander or small basket to hold dough once shaped
  • A small jar (approx 200ml capacity) to take home your starter
  • 2 tea towels
  • Apron
  • A sense of fun


WHEN:  Sunday, 20th March 2022, starting at 10am - 2pm (approx)

WHERE:   41 Burke Street, Baringhup, Vic, 3463